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The Services industry covers a wide and diverse range of public and private sectors from police, fire and NHS to government, local authorities and facilities management.

Working in this industry you could be rescuing somebody from a burning building or involved in making policy decisions for your local area or the whole country.

There is something to suit almost everybody, some careers will require a higher level of education than others depending on which area you are interested in.

Have a look at the different sectors below which will provide you with further information and what steps you need to take for a career in the Services Industry!

Did You Know?
In 2016 there were 29,930 children's social workers working across the UK and 5,330 FTE vacancies.

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Suffolk County Council
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Suffolk Skills Show 2015
HM Prison & Probation Service
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Learn more about the fitness test that prison officer candidates complete at a RAD
Adam Jeffrey
Waveney District Council
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Town Planner
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