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Job Description

An Agricultural Consultant is a professional problem solver who will work to improve the performance of a farm, landowner or conservation organisation. They will advise on different practices that could be used to improve efficiency, yield, costs etc.

Entry Requirements

You will require at least a 2:1 degree in one of the following:

  • soil science
  • agriculture
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • microbiology
  • ecology
  • geography
  • environmental science
  • Animal nutrition
  • animal science
  • biological science
  • crop science
  • horticulture 

Agricultural apprenticeships are available at levels 2, 3 and 4 and may assist with moving towards this role.

Required Skills

  • The ability to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Able to identify and solve problems
  • Good organisational skills 
  • A broad knowledge of agriculture and farm management

Starting Salary

£18,000 to £25,000

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