Job Description

An animator will work in a range of industries to design, create and edit animations, they produce images that appear to come to life on screen, this could be in films, music videos, computer games, website, commercials and other media. They use a range of techniques to make images appear to move this is normally 2D drawn animation, 2D computer, 3D computer generated or stop frame or stop motion animation.

Entry Requirements

A degree in animation, art and design, film and video, 3D design, graphic design or another related subject. Entry without a degree is not impossible, you will need to keep a portfolio of projects that you have worked on to show prospective employers.

Required Skills

  • Excellent creativity and artistic skills
  • Patience
  • The ability to concentrate for long periods of time
  • Excellent IT skills
  • A good eye for detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work to deadlines

Starting Salary

£16,000 to £30,000

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