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Job Description

Biomedical scientists carry out a range of laboratory and scientific tests to investigate and diagnose illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, food poisoning, meningitis etc. This may also include identifying blood groups, analysing blood, tissue, urine and faeces and interpreting results for liaising with medical staff.

Entry Requirements

You’ll need:

You may be able to get into biomedical science as a trainee. You'll usually need at least 2 A levels in science or a related subject. Places are sponsored by employers like the NHS and are advertised as trainee biomedical scientist positions. You'd work and study towards an accredited degree. 

Health Careers has more information about becoming a biomedical scientist.

Career Path and Progression

With experience, you could move into research, training and education, product development and commerce. 

In the NHS, you could work as a team leader, specialist, manager or professional manager with further training and qualifications.

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  • Biotechnologist
  • Clinical scientist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Medical physicist

National Government Policy states that all students should have achieved at least a Grade 4 or C Grade in English & Maths at GCSE.  Achieving this minimum grade in these subjects will increase the opportunities open to you, support your future career development and prospects.

Students who do not meet this standard will be supported to continue to study English and Maths through full-time education or an Apprenticeship.

Required Skills

  • A very strong interest in medicine and the treatment of illnesses
  • High concentration levels
  • Accurate and attention to detail
  • The ability to take responsibility and make decisions
  • Confident with technology
  • Excellent team working and communication skills
  • An enquiring and investigative mind

Starting Salary

£22,000 to £41,250

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