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Job Description

Chooses the Actors and arranges and conducts the interviews, would need to liaise with the director and producer to find out their requirements. They are responsible for matching the ideal actor to the role. Hours and salaries can vary hugely for this role depending on the size and type of production.

Entry Requirements

  • There is no specific training or qualifications required for this role many Casting Directors are graduates with a degree in arts, English, film, theatre, communications or media studies.
  • Useful to have a degree in either, arts,English,theatre,film,communication or media studies. 
  • Having work experience working with actors in a theatre or film production.

Required Skills

  • An interest in theatre, stage and TV actors
  • computer literate
  • the ability to recognise talent
  • attention to detail
  • good communication
  • interpersonal skills
  • a good memory
  • the ability to multi task
  • able to work under pressure and to deadlines.
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