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Job Description

Community and Outreach Support work is based on support rather than direct personal care.  They will teach people who need care and support, to look after themselves and teach them skills such as how to cook themselves a meal safely and how to make themselves a hot drink.  They may organise activities such as shopping trips, visits to the theatre or cinema or they may simple be with individuals in their own home to help them cope with day to day living.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific qualifications for this role but experience in working with people in social care support would be desirable. A good starting point would be through volunteering.

Required Skills

Patience and understanding, excellent communication skills, good problem solving abilities, good time management, a practical and flexible approach, the ability to relate to people from all backgrounds, computer literate, non-judgemental, able to work well in a team or on your own initiative.

Starting Salary

£16,000 to £21,000

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