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Job Description

There are two types of Pattern Cutter - creative pattern cutters who sketch designs, create new patterns and create prototypes also production pattern cutters who make patterns commercially viable. Both can work either manually or using CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Entry Requirements

There are no set requirements for this role, you could start as a pattern cutting assistant or sample machinist and work your way up.  You could start this role through an apprenticeship. You could also do an introductory college course in fashion, or a foundation degree, HND or degree in fashion or garment technology. For further information see the Creative Skillset website.

Required Skills

  • An interest in fashio
  • The ability to interpret a designer's drawings
  • An eye for detail
  • Able to work to deadlines
  • Good concentration levels
  • Good team working skills

Starting Salary

£16,000 to £18,000

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