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Job Description

Plant Breeders or Geneticists create new varieties of plants for cultivation and use, they will cross existing plants and select new strains to improve existing varieties and create new ones.  They will aim to develop plants that are disease resistant and drought tolerant as well as working to improve the overall appearance which is vital to the agricultural industry allowing them to meet the demands of consumers and supermarkets.

Entry Requirements

You will need an honours degree in a relevant subject such as biology, genetics, biotechnology, botany or plant science. Entry with an HND is only possible for technical support roles, you could start at this level and work you way up it further qualifications are studied for.

Required Skills

  • A keen interest in plants and plant science is essential
  • An analytical and investigative mind
  • The ability and stamina to work on projects sometimes over a long period of time

Starting Salary

£16,000 to £22,000

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