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Job Description

Retail assistants will offer face-to-face customer service as well as advising on merchandise, restocking shelves and ensuring that housekeeping in the shop is maintained and that the product displays are appealing.

The role can apply to almost any physical commercial product or service, meaning you could work in shops retailing fashion items, music games and dvds, hardware, computing and mobile technologies, food, books - the list is almost endless. 

Entry Requirements

Educated to GCSE level, most of your training would be on the job with larger companies having more structured training schemes.

Starting as retail assistant, shop adviser or stock room operative, you can progress from to higher paid positions through experience and taking advantage of any internal training schemes on offer.  This would help you get into warehouse or stock management - or general shop management if you wanted to, or you could specialise in store front customer service and become an adviser or supervisor to other members of staff. 

Required Skills

  • good customer service values
  • ability to communicate effectively
  • organisational skills
  • confidence
  • good interpersonal skills
  • ability to work well as part of a team

Starting Salary

£11,000 to £25,000

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