Job Description

Trainers plans, develop and deliver training to new and existing staff. This could be to ensure competency in certain roles or to provide additional development, for safety critical tasks or for compliance in areas that are heavily regulated or legislated.

Trainers often use their own training, experience and knowledge to design effective workshops and presentations which they deliver to staff in their organisation or to third parties. (-if they are working for a training organisation themselves.)  They will use a combination of face to face delivery, printed materials and e-learning to provide training in the most appropriate form for their audience, project and budgetary or logistical considerations.

Entry Requirements

There is no set route into this role though will find that courses in presenting and designing training, or degrees and equivalents in similar subjects will help you apply for roles. 

You the need the confidence to be able to present in front of people and run lessons and workshops, together with an ability to plan and produce printed materials to supplement your offering.   

Required Skills

  • Good verbal and written communication
  • ability to communicate skills effectively
  • good problem solving and negotiation skills
  • patience and good interpersonal abilities
  • ability to meet deadlines and objectives

Starting Salary

£30,000 to £35,000

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