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Camouflaged Learnings Workshop Of Noisy Exciting Things, Chequers Lane, Gressenhall, Dereham, NR20 4EU

About us

Every project that Camouflaged Learning produces is an exciting educational experience that informs, invigorates and inspires students on matters of science, engineering, enterprise, technology, maths, teamwork, communication, design, and much, much more.

Students get a real-world challenge that they cannot wait to be immersed in. And, while they’re focusing on that, they’re learning.

We believe that by encouraging students not just to emulate roles but actually become them, their experiences are more significant.

Mistakes, ailures, embarrassments, triumphs and glories - they all become indelible for being real. We deeply believe in our philosophy of learning through doing, and are passionate about ensuring multi-faceted, long-lasting, meaningful outcomes of every single event we deliver. And, even if we do say so ourselves, people really, really seem to like what we do. But don't just take our word for it, take a moment to look at what others have to say on our website.

Don’t forget, in addition to our educational services we also offer a wide range of projects and activities for businesses (big and small) PGCE students and NQT’s, and can also create bespoke projects designed to fit educational needs, whatever they are, large or small. You’d be hard pressed to find something we can't do, frankly.

We’re really very simple people here at Camouflaged Learning. All we want is for students - and adults - to be as excited and as enthusiastic about learning as we are. We love what we do and we want other people to feel the same way. Or at least understand it better. If we can achieve that then we’ll be happy.

The way we go about it is by devising, writing and delivering innovative projects that will engage students and teach them science, engineering, technology and much, much more - Learning Through Doing.

Some detail

Who We Are and What We Do:

Camouflaged Learning is East Anglia’s leading provider of educational resources and projects. With over 30 employees we have the combined expertise of backgrounds in teaching, educational, training, science, engineering, technology research and public policy. This distinctive mix enables us to provide a full, in-house service for all of our customer that includes:

Three Programme Development teams developing education programmes and resources across all subjects and for all age ranges.

5 'Live' teams delivering experiential activities in schools and training for teachers and non-teachers to support programme delivery.

A consultancy team offering educational strategy development and planning advice.
A research team specialising in qualitative and quantitative analysis, from feasibility studies to evaluation.

This breadth of service, allows Camouflaged Learning to combine creative and practical approaches with rigorous research and developmental processes, and to ensure that our programmes deliver consistent, sustainable results for your students, school or business.

What Our Programming Expertise Covers:
- Early Years through to adult education
- Formal and informal learning
- Youth engagement
- Employee development
- Corporate social responsibility
- Community cohesion
- The public, private and third sectors
- Current practice and future strategy.

How We Work:
- We use creative techniques to generate insights and develop innovative solutions.
- We help our customers challenge conventions, develop new thinking and implement change whilst working closely with the client at all times.
- We project manage the budgets, schedules and the overall development of the project.
- All content is approved by hand-picked teachers before being professionally edited in-house, and reviewed independently by practising teachers.

Why Use Us:
- Our broad methodological, content and engagement specialisms enable us to tailor our approach to meet the demands of your project.
- Our understanding of formal and informal learning settings is reflected in the approach we take and the way we interpret our findings.
- We have a strong network of teaching professionals, opinion leaders and experts across the UK, which enables us to conduct targeted and time-efficient research.
- We debate and develop new creative approaches to working with young people and hard-to-reach communities.

Corporate Engagement:
For our corporate clients, we bring both business understanding and an in-depth knowledge of the education market to all our projects. We work with clients to find innovative solutions to their problems and provide compelling strategies, communications planning and sustainable solutions, whilst co-ordinating the in-house expertise that a project needs to ensure the best outcomes.

What We Offer:
- Education engagement strategies.
- Communications planning.
- Brand identity development.
- Strategic thinking.
- Change management.
- Policy development.

How This Can Benefit Corporations and Businesses:
Provides insights into the education market.
Defines market positioning for your policy/product within the education sector.
Helps you to communicate more effectively with your target audiences.
Identifies opportunities that meet both the needs of your organisation and the education market.

What To Do Now:
If you'd like to know anything more, or would like to discuss any aspect of our service, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Email: office@camouflaged-learning.com
Telephone: 01493 748815/ 077601 78040

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