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China Shipping House, Walton Avenue, Felixstowe, IP11 3HG

About us

China Shipping UK Agency Ltd and their sister Company, Multimodal Logistics Ltd, employ approximately 60 people covering a wide range of duties.

China Shipping Agency mainly deals with the working of vessels when they come into port and deals with the customer service side. For vessels that are owned by China Shipping the marine department will arrange tugs and labour with the port to get the ships into the port and deal with any issues that the crew may have such as doctor’s appointments. Tied in with them is our equipment control department and, as the name suggests, they keep a track of our container equipment and ensure that stocks are kept to an optimum level at various depots around the Country.

The import and export departments liaise closely with customers arranging deliveries and collections of container loads and dealing with documentary requirements such as issuing Bills of Lading and collecting freight. They also attend to any customer queries or issues ensuring they are resolved in an efficient manner. Our sales department covers both imports and exports and are responsible for attracting the business at the start of the chain. We have both indoor and outdoor sales people who will keep in regular contact with existing customers and seek new ones.

Multimodal Logistics, though a separate Company, are very much part of our daily business since all of our container transport is arranged through them. They run their own fleet of trucks employing drivers and booking transport through other trucking Companies which requires a team of people operating on a traffic desk.

As you can see, there are varied career opportunities within a shipping company and it doesn’t just revolve around operating a crane or being part of a crew on a vessel. There is something for all types of person from administration, for those that have a good eye for detail through to sales, which involves a high level of customer contact and meeting lots of people!

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