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Fresh Aspirations Forum CIC, Framlingham Technology Centre, Station Road, Framlingham, Suffolk, IP13 9EZ

About us

Fresh Aspirations is all about you.

There are many initiatives and activities already in existence that give young people in Suffolk introductions to the world of work. The ‘world of work’ is such a diverse and ever-shifting phenomenon it is important that there continues to be information fed to young people, but Fresh Aspirations Forum believes that the best way to understand something is by actually doing it.

  • To understand our skills we have to discover, use and develop them.
  • To enable others to employ us on the basis of the skills we possess we need to have evaluated them for ourselves and know how to evidence them for others verbally or in writing.
  • And in order to find those people who would value our skills, we need to meet a lot of people.
  • Fresh Aspirations, through its forums and forthcoming multi-media publication, puts young people in the driving seat and creates opportunities for them to discover, use and develop skills in a real project; evidence and evaluate those skills using the bespoke Skills Evidencing, Evaluation and Discovery System (SEEDS) and at the same time build up a powerful personal database and network.

Fresh Aspirations doesn’t deliver to young people, it works with them, mentors them, introduces them and builds whole people who are experienced and ready for work.

These people are the foundations on which we will build our future.


For Young People:
There is currently a Fresh Aspirations Forum that meets every Thursday evening in Framlingham Technology Centre. If you’re interested in becoming a member then visit our website http://www.freshaspirations.co.uk to find out more.
If you’re interested in a Fresh Aspirations Forum opening a group near you then just let us know.

For Businesses:
Fresh Aspirations is pioneering an innovative and contemporary initiative for young people and we’re looking for enthusiastic business people to be directly involved from the outset.
You will have direct contact with young people through our multi-media platform, through mentoring or training and by attendance at our annual conference?
You will be able to increase awareness of your industry sector and organisation with young people in Suffolk and optimise potential for retention of skills locally.
As Fresh Aspirations is an independent, local organisation, the bespoke training and skills development can be responsive to industry’s specific requirements.

Find out more

Our primary objective is to motivate young people about their future so they become inspired, inquisitive and empowered by experiences, challenges, good support and each other. The Fresh Aspirations Forum is open to 12-18 year olds with extended reach to young people up to the age of 25 within in its programme of activity.

Get in touch and get involved:

07773 328495

Don't forget to follow us here on icanbea for the latest news, opportunities and updates.

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