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5 Anson Road, Norwich, NR6 6ED

What is the Aviation Skills Partnership?

We are an organisation dedicated to making the aviation industry accessible to all.

To those outside the industry, aviation is distant and out of reach. It’s the two hours in an airport when they go on holiday. It’s the vapour trails they see thousands of feet above them. It’s Top Gun. We want to show the world that flying isn’t just a dream, it can be an aspiration, it can be a tangible goal, it can be just a qualification away. We’ll break down the barriers between you and your dream job.

We will guide you through training programmes, degree courses, and whatever else it takes. You bring the hard work and determination, we’ll bring the advice, resources, connections, and support. No matter where you come from or where you want to go, we’ll find the pathway that’s right for you.

The International Aviation Academy – Norwich (IAAN)

The IAAN is the first of Aviation Skills Partnership’s (ASP’s) skills academies. It is a unique collaboration of employers, trainers, educators, funding bodies, government, industry and, of course, students and delegates. As more are opened across the country, access to expertise and resources will grow even further. We will provide students with a comprehensive, cutting edge, and hands-on training, unrivalled anywhere.

The IAAN is a brand-new, purpose-built training academy that will create the next generation of aviation professionals. We offer training across all six of the Aviation Skills Partnership’s areas of aviation:

  • Professional Pilot
  • Operations
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Cabin Crew
  • Airport Operations
  • Aviation Engineering and more...

We have created a unique and original real world learning environment that will truly allow our students to experience the aviation industry. Our facilities include a full size operational aeroplane for unrivalled accuracy in our aviation simulations, we also have a helicopter arriving in due course.

We welcome a broad range of local, national and international students and delegates, and strive to raise the standards of learning within the aviation industry.

One of the mainstream programmes within the Academy will see up to 80 new aviation engineers being trained per year. They will start training at the age of 16. Across this and other courses, we expect a typical year to see 450 people being trained for local, national and international aviation jobs.


We don’t want our industry to appear aloof, inaccessible, and elitist. We want young people to see a career in aviation as a realistic life goal; no matter what your background, a career in aviation is achievable. There are a variety of roles open to those seeking the skies, find out more by clicking the links below:

Professional Pilot

Our Aspiring Pilot Pathway offers you accessible programmes and progression support from your first application to starting and developing your career with an airline or helicopter operator.

Aviation Engineering

To become a qualified and capable aircraft maintenance engineer, you should ideally have a combination of academic qualifications and practical skills. Our practice-based BSc (Hons) Professional Aviation Engineering Practice Degree programme provides you with the world- class education and training that airlines and maintenance organisations are looking for in their new recruits.

Cabin Crew

Our pathway includes the opportunity for you to attend a Cabin Crew Attestation course. Our course is delivered by SkyPeople who also offer priority application for Thomson Airways cabin crew recruitment on successful completion of the course.

Airport Operations

Our Airport Operations Pathway offers you accessible programmes and progression support from early stage interest through to starting and developing your career with an airport / airline.

Air Traffic Control

We are currently working closely with our partners to develop an Air Traffic Control Pathway.

Find out more

If you would like to know about the IAAN then please visit our website and follow us here on icanbea... for the latest updates. 

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