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12th July 2021
The company is developing a new C# open source library called, Open Banking Connector, to help businesses more easily support Open Banking payments (a new type of payment that is growing fast). The new role will involve testing Open Banking Connector with bank sandboxes and making fixes and enhancements to the library and test suite to widen bank coverage. It will also involve adding and updating content on a documentation website. Key Responsibilities are to, run test code (including test payments) with bank sandboxes and make changes to the library including fixes, new parameters, etc. to address issues. Interact with bank sandbox helpdesks to resolve any issues on their side. Finalise bank profile (C#) and UI interaction (TypeScript) code to be added to library once testing is successful. Submit Pull Requests and participate in code review for new code to be added to Open Banking Connector. Update documentation website as necessary to reflect changes. Add content to documentation website to help users more easily use Open Banking Connector

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 31/07/2021


This job is located in Cambridge, CB24 8RX

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