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ICT Support (EX INTERNATIONAL), Adecco Working Ventures (GW+), Cambridge, CB5 8DT



23rd August 2021
This is an important role within the business. You will be working closely with the whole team especially the management team helping with general of ice administration duties working on projects and assisting with many aspects of the business day to day. You will be able to contribute your ideas and have an impact on various tasks. You will be working in a dynamic and informal setting with a supportive team. We work hard but also create a strong team working environment. We usually start the day with a coffee and a chat before discussing the day ahead and getting down to work. At lunchtime we might share some home cooked food or go to a restaurant. If its a special occasion or someones birthday we would enjoy some food together and have some fun. A typical day for the General Assistant would include taking part in meetings with management and other team members writing proposals for new projects organising files printing and of ice admin. Assisting management with general of ice duties

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 30/09/2021


This job is located in Cambridge, CB5 8DT

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