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Junior Market Researcher, DENSEA LTD, DENSEA LTD, Norwich, NR6 5BD



10th September 2021
The role will include Amazon / Website Product Research, Google Spreadsheets/Excel, Product Sourcing, etc. You will not just simply look for products from Amazon but also search the product using Google search to see if it is being sold on other websites for a much cheaper price. There are qualifications that we need to follow before we can consider whether a product is good or not, or if it is profitable or not. You will be given a Rank sheet where you need to base the Rank of the product with what has been given on the sheet. You will also need to use a FBA Calculator and need to base the price on the listing in Amazon not just on the store where you found the product. Then finally if you are done with the very simple calculations, you will enter the data in a spreadsheet.

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 26/10/2021


This job is located in Norwich, NR6 5BD

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