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Marketing Journalist & PR, Kids Active Media Ltd, Woodbridge, IP12 1AE



14th September 2021
Although this position is remote based, it is very focused on working together and sharing knowledge across sectors to learn and grow. All the work is logged into online platforms that can be shared across all company members. This also helps time management and work ethics. A keen interest in Music, Theatre, Creative Arts, Kids Media & Animation. A journalism or PR/Marketing education, experience or keen interest is a relevant field for this position. You will be assigned a project to work on and formatted tasks will be set by your line manager, however, we are looking for thinkers and enthusiasm, not clock watchers!. So, we are looking for people who enjoy a creative role and can be a part of the projects growth, so an idealist would be perfect for the role. You will be required to attend a full team meeting once a month, which may require travelling (cost will be covered).

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 31/10/2021


This job is located in Woodbridge, IP12 1AE

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