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CLASSROOM ASSISTANT, Harford Manor School, Norwich, NR2 2LN



13th October 2021
Summary Come and join us for a richly rewarding and invaluable 6 month placement designed to bring you closer to employment in your choice of career. Whether you have considered working in education or not, a placement in our school will significantly improve your chances of finding your ideal job, build your confidence and get you the valuable skills employers across the country require. In addition to amazing paid work experience, you will get access to a wealth of accredited employability online skills training on an award winning platform, ensuring that you gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the workplace. Taking a placement in our school will really help your CV stand out and give you the experience and qualifications to make employers take notice. The Classroom/Subject Assistant will provide essential support to pupils and teachers in a Primary or Secondary school. This could be in a specific subject, which may be one they particularly enjoyed or did well in while at school or college or in a general capacity. This role may also include general office and classroom duties to help with the extra workload created by Covid-19 regulations.

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 28/10/2021


This job is located in Norwich, NR2 2LN

About Norwich Kickstart Vacancies (GOV)

If you’re aged 16-24 and interested in a Kickstart vacancy, you need to be on Universal Credit. To check eligibility and find out how to apply, send your JCP work coach a journal message with the job title, employer name and postcode you are interested in.

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