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Night Shift Care Assistant, Hollyman Care Homes Limited, Great Yarmouth, NR29 4PA



6th January 2022
As a Care Worker duties and responsibilities include: To carry out checks on all residents at intervals with due regard for privacy and dignity. To assist all who require any aspects of direct personal care throughout the night. To carry out regular checks on the building at intervals with special reference to fire prevention and security. To answer emergency bells or calls from residents, to assess the situation, to deal with the resident seeking help and to summon the senior care staff on call wherever necessary. To assist residents who need help or reassurance. To join with the day care staff in preparing individuals for bed or assisting them in the morning, as directed. To assist with bathing residents as required. In the time available between attending to residents undertake domestic duties primarily in the fields of laundry/Ironing, dusting/cleaning, carpet shampooing/hoovering and food preparation as directed. To maintain accurate notes and records and to handover information to day care staff that is relevant to the ongoing care of individual residents.

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 02/02/2022


This job is located in Great Yarmouth, NR29 4PA

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