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Laboratory Coordinator /Technician, Abcam PLC, Cambridge, CB2 0AX



11th January 2022
This placement will work closely with an experienced mentor in the lab helping to ensure our lab runs smoothly, organising and ordering stock, and managing equipment upkeep whilst learning about the interesting work we do at Abcam. Duties & Responsibilities: Contribute to the day-to-day running of laboratory operations, including but not limited to, monitoring of consumables levels, preparing reagents, maintaining the biological inventory. Contribute to additional activities within the team, as required. Maintain high quality standards during experimental processes and record keeping. Abide by laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and keep accurate Batch Manufacturing Records (BMRs) and lab book records. Help maintain a safe and efficient working environment in the laboratory, ensure the safety of colleagues & visitors and comply with Health and Safety (H&S) policies. There are five positions and depending on the group the position is placed in the additional duties include: Performing mammalian cell cultures, including adherent and suspension lines, including compound treatments. Performing cell fixation, including adherent and suspension lines and performing basic Immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry experiments. Preparing samples for Western blot and Immunohistochemistry, performing Western blots and supporting immunohistochemistry experiments. Express proteins at milligram scale in mammalian or bacterial cell systems. Express proteins at milligram scale in mammalian or bacterial cell systems, purify proteins using FPLC systems, ensure proteins are of high-quality using protein analytical techniques. The following skills will be developed: Basic scientific skills, organisational skills, team-working skills.

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 31/01/2022


This job is located in Cambridge, CB2 0AX

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