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A Career in the British Merchant Navy as an ET.O. Engineer-Arnold's Story



2nd December 2021

My time as an SSTG cadet was amazing and quite an experience.

I received constant support and help from SSTG and my sponsoring company. This enabled me not only to learn a lot about the subject but also secure a job with a well known company.

Arnold - SSTG ETO Cadet

The skills, knowledge and motivation I gained through this experience shaped the direction I wanted to go in. All the information I needed was given to me prior to commencing the course and the officers were all very helpful, especially when I needed answers.

An ETO's job is to carry out regular maintenance and repair of all the electrical and electronic equipment found on board ships as well as radio and navigation equipment. Alongside carrying out planned maintenance, we have to deal with day to day electrical problems by fault finding and diagnosing equipment to get them up and running as quick as we can to not jeopardize the running of the ship.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that the SSTG provided.

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