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14th September 2021

At Equal Lives we want to make sure our members are getting the best possible service that we can provide, but to ensure this we need the help of friendly and professional volunteers to track our service users' experiences.  The Advice Support Assistants will spend their time contacting our members to record the outcome of advice given, signpost where needed and track the information on our charity database, enabling us to prove our worth to funders and improve our services.  This is a great role for anyone looking for experience in the charity, care, legal and data analysis sectors. 


This is a vital role to the work of the charity as it will enable us to make sure every client is properly taken care of, and each case is completed to the best of our abilities.  The role will involve helping Equal Lives ensure they are supplying a high-quality service to disabled people across Norfolk by following up on cases and collecting their feedback.  This allows us to adapt and learn from our client’s experiences and lets us demonstrate the great service we offer to Funders.   

The role may include, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities: 
Contacting clients to follow up on advice given by Advisers 
Identifying issues and flagging these to the appropriate members of staff 
Giving advice to clients on how to proceed with the next stage in the process 
Reporting on the outcome of each conversation using our in-house systems 
Scanning in bundles of documents from legal proceedings to our online database 
Updating our database with necessary information and follow up actions 
Signposting and sending actions to different teams within the organisation depending on the support needed by the client 
Collecting feedback from clients on the services they have received and completing feedback collection forms 
This role would be excellent for anybody hoping to work in the legal or charity sector.  You will gain a wide range of skills and knowledge from your time volunteering with us and we will ensure your professional development requirements are taken into account. 


Due to the nature of this role and the high level of sensitive documents and information you will be dealing with, you will be required to complete Safeguarding, Data Protection and GDPR training before commencing volunteering.  All training is provided by us, and we will arrange this for you after the interview process. 
This is an office-based role to ensure we can provide you with the maximum amount of support you will need, including offering plenty of training via shadowing a member of staff and/or volunteer.  Our office is currently in the process of moving to Norwich City Centre and so the role will commence post move, towards the end of May/beginning of June. 
We will provide you with any equipment necessary to carry out this role, potentially this may include a laptop, mobile phone and personal charity email address. 
All volunteers are required to undertake our core training programme. This covers basic safeguarding and other key features.  
Dependent upon the candidate there may be additional opportunities to participate in a variety of accredited training courses. Please ask for further details. 
Volunteers are required to adhere to the organisation’s policies and practice guidelines. 
Reasonable expenses, including travel whilst undertaking this role will be reimbursed. This includes mileage (currently £0.45 p/mile) and parking costs. 
Applications must include 2 satisfactory references who have known the applicant in a professional or educational capacity for at least 12 months. Applicants must also complete a Disclosure and Barring Service check before commencing any volunteering work. 

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 06/05/2022




This job is located in Norwich, Norfolk

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