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11th April 2018

Apprentice Assembly Technician

Position Summary

Primarily positioned in Assembly as a technician, supporting the roles of other technicians and assembly staff on a day-to-day basis.  Technicians are responsible for ensuring that products meet strict quality standards and are assembled in a timely manner. Working alongside the other technicians will allow for the training in assembly of products and fault finding customer returns.

Performance, Objectives and Responsibilities

  • Immediate Performance Objective
    • Learn role of Assembly Technician
    • To resolve engineering problems and customer returns
  •  The Big-Picture/Strategic Deliverables
    • Improve overall Quality and Delivery of assembled products
    • Development of role to become more responsible in work environment
  • Primary Responsibilities
    •  Day-to-day support of the assembly workload


  •  Language Requirements
    • Fluent English essential
  •  Education Requirements
    • Strong written, verbal and numerical skills essential
    • STEM Subject taken during GCSE’s or A-levels
    • Must hold at least 5 GCSE’s and a grade C (or higher) in both Maths and English     
  • Personal Requirements
    • Willing to learn and support vital assembly processes
    •   Desire to become competent in all key areas of assembly
  • Experience Requirements
    • Practically Minded
    • Basic Health and Safety knowledge
  • Mobility & Travel Requirements
    • Occasional UK Travel – travel to other ESAB sites may be required       

Leadership and Performance

  •  Describe Outstanding Performance:
    • Consistently deliver above and beyond individual objectives
    • Proven ability to promote and drive change
    • Work for the good of the business and uphold ESAB values to achieve great things as a tea
  • Leadership & Attributes Critical to Success
    • Team player
    • Self-Motivated
    • Results Driven
    • Organised and Methodical
  • Career Development & Learning Opportunities
    • Technical Support of the business internally and externally

ESAB Leadership Behaviors 

  • Relentless Focus on Talent
  • Time is Our Most Precious Commodity
  • Drives Both Strategic and Day to Day
  • Tough-Minded Commitment to Results
  • Creates a Winning Atmosphere

Applications – please request for an application form from Will Landymore: will.landymore@esab.com or Guy Barraclough: guy.barraclough@esab.com

How to Apply – please mail the application to the following address: Gas Arc, Vinces Road, Diss, IP22 4WW (F.A.O Will Landymore)

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 01/07/2018


This job is located in Diss, Norfolk

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