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29th November 2023

Employer description

The Corps of Royal Engineers allows the Army to work all over the world, whether it's involved in active combat or disaster relief. The Corps are ‘first in’, setting up bases ready for the rest of the Army to arrive and ‘last out’, closing down patrol bases and military camps. The Corps is at the forefront in disaster-relief operations, effecting rapid repairs to damaged infrastructure in stricken areas.

Main description

Heating and plumbing are vital in the Army. After all, every building, from bases to hospitals, needs to be warm and properly plumbed in. Your job will be to look after the systems at sites all over the world. We’ll teach you everything you need to know and you’ll be part of a friendly Army family, enjoying sports, Adventurous Training and more.
Plumber is a Technical role in the Royal Engineers. All the Royal Engineer soldier job roles are divided into 5 groups. When you apply to the Engineers, you will apply to the trade group rather than the specific trade. 

As a plumber, we’ll train you to look after the systems at these sites across the world and pick up qualifications that will set you up with a great career within and beyond the Army. You’ll still be a soldier, and that means you’ll go through basic training and expected to maintain a decent standard of fitness while you’re with us.

To qualify, you must be between 16 years 6 months and 35 years 6 months and pass a basic fitness test.

During your initial training, you’ll earn £18,687, after which your salary will rise to £23,496.

You’ll also receive 30 days’ annual leave every year (plus bank holidays and extra leave after operations), free medical and dental care, cheaper living costs, and free gym and sports facilities. And unless you're away on operations or training exercises, you'll normally work 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

From your very first day of training with us, you’ll be gaining transferrable skills and qualifications that could set you up for life. You don’t need to know how to do the job before you get here, because we’ll give you all the entry-level training you need and pay you to learn.

Plus, you’ll get to travel the world, taking part in the Army’s adventurous training, and spending dedicated time playing the sports you love.

Key Responsibilities

  • Study plumbing and pipe fittings
  • Learn to install and maintain heating systems
  • Learn how to make heat-loss calculations
  • Become proficient in basic technical drawings


Company pension
Discounted or free food
Free or subsidised travel
On-site parking

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 21/06/2024


During training £18,687, afterwards salary rises to £23,496.


This job is located in Nationwide, UK

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