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Construction firm on the hunt for 40 apprentices



5th March 2019

From EDP


East of England construction firm R G Carter has announced it will be recruiting up to 40 craft and management apprentices over the next six months, in a bid to create the next generation of construction professionals.

The Norwich-based firm already employs nearly 100 apprentices and hopes to recruit their new cohort in the summer.

“Carter Academy offers a great learning experience, ensuring all of our apprentices have the very best start to a meaningful and successful future in the industry.”

The apprentices will not only study construction skills suitable for R G Carter, but will also develop the wide range of skills required to work across the industry.


For the full article, use the 'More Info' button below and 'Apply Now' to access the careers page on the RG Carter website. 

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The R G Carter Group specialises in construction, civil engineering and project management services. We are a family owned business with a proud ninety year history, achieving growth and success by combining strong traditional values with an innovative and for...

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