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CV Writing Tips: Additional Experience - Organisations that can help



8th July 2020

Something which is often overlooked when putting a CV together is demonstrating additional experience

Think about activities that you're involved in outside of your studies or current job which may help you to 'stand out' to an employer or broaden your experience - and mention these where appropriate(This maybe in your 'Hobbies & Interests' section in your CV)

*Team-oriented, voluntary and other 'extracurricular' activities are often a fun way to increase your knowledge of the world and can provide you with valuable life experiences. These will not only benefit you personally, but also demonstrate to prospective employers the additional skills and experience you have, over and above more traditional qualifications.  We've listed some organisations below that you might want to take a look at in this regard.

Depending on your age an experience you may wish to engage with these organisations as a member, or even helper, trainer or leader!  

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