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14th September 2021

Lowestoft courses for 16-18 year olds

Transforming passions into careers.

Study Programme
This is the first step for school leavers and a great alternative to college and sixth form. Our Study Programmes are designed around you, to fit your interests. You’ll study for a vocational (practical) qualification and gain work experience. You’ll also build on your employability skills, get personal and professional development and achieve the level of Maths and English required.

Pick a course that’s designed around you

Our Traineeship courses are a great way for 16-24 year olds to develop first-hand experience of the workplace. You’ll also get essential work preparation training and work on your Maths and English if required.

If you dream of a career working with children and contributing to their early development, you can get off to the best possible start with our Childcare Study Programme.

To find out more contact us on 01502 558 085 or Click here to apply!

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