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Electrical Installation : M.J. & N.M. PARTRIDGE ELECTRICAL LIMITED

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31st March 2021

Training provider

Partridge Electrical Ltd - Employer
As a well-respected Employer; we provide a range of services to a variety of existing buildings and new projects. We can also cater for testing and commissioning of any installation.


Working week
Monday to Friday 40 Hours Per Week. Total hours per week: 40.00
Expected duration
42 months
Possible start date
30 Apr 2021

Desired qualifications
All candidates must complete the JTL Entry Assessment


The electrical contracting industry is part of the construction industry and therefore electricians are generally responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical services, both inside and outside buildings and structures such as hospitals, schools, factories, government properties, solar PV and Biomass Installations etc.In recent years we have seen the introduction of new and more sophisticated equipment and systems into our commercial and industrial buildings. Known often as Building Services Engineering (BSE), this can include the provision of all the electricity, gas, water and ventilation services within a building and it can be seen to broaden the skills and responsibilities required of an electrician. Irrespective of the phrase used, the electrician’s job will vary and depend upon the type and range of work that the employing company carries out.

However, all electricians will have a broad range of similar technical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to carry out their work safely and correctly. Some of the things that an electrician will be expected to do are:

  • Install, maintain and repair electrical services (e.g. lighting, sockets, fire alarms, emergency lighting & heating controls)
  • Work indoors and outdoors and be prepared to sometimes work at height
  • Work with little or no supervision; relying on their own initiative
  • Be prepared to travel away from home· Develop good working relationships with people
  • Read both building and engineering drawings
  • Understand wiring and circuit diagrams· Select (within limits) materials and equipment
  • Inspect and test electrical installations
  • Diagnose and rectify faults on a range of circuits and equipment
  • Write reports

As you can see, the job of the electrician is varied and interesting and can offer a challenging career. Consequently, the training programme that you will be following as a JTL apprentice has been designed to help you by meeting and delivering training to these standards and expectations. You must ensure you load an up-to-date copy of your CV to your JTL profile in addition to following the application instructions to complete your application for this vacancy. You will also need to provide proof of Colour Vision, please download the JTL Colour Vision Certificate from your JTL account, take it to your local optician and ask them to carry out the test and complete the form for you. Please then send in to the address on the form before the closing date.

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 16/04/2021


£172.00 p/w


This job is located in Norwich

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