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Five questions with... Mark Roper

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22nd March 2022

As part of our series 'Five questions with...' we explore the careers of some of our wonderful team at Corbel, delving into their role, aspirations and the biggest lesson they have learnt!

Here we speak to Mark Roper, Account Executive at Corbel.

1. What is your role at Corbel?

Currently I work as an Account Executive for Corbel. I have recently just passed my five year milestone with Corbel! Around November last year I started a Level 5 Operational Management course with aspirations to move into an Operations role. My role has evolved during my time at Corbel, looking after clients, raising PO’s, invoicing work, quoting customers and even imaging laptops, there is very little I haven’t done during my time here!

2. How did you get into the technology sector?

Being truthful, I stumbled in it by chance. I was initially working for a creative packaging company doing jobs for ITV and Braun (to namedrop a couple of companies!) Unfortunately they relocated, and this led me to an IT role for a local company in Ipswich. I spent a short time there and have been at Corbel ever since. To be honest, the ever changing world of IT is something that I enjoy. I was only chatting to a colleague today about how much the IT landscape has changed during that time. When I first started physical servers were very much common place and physical hard drives rather than SSD’s were still almost the norm. Now, and along with many changes, you would barely see a fresh server install or a piece of hardware supplied with a standard hard drive!

3. What advice would you give to others about embarking on an Apprenticeship?

Firstly and on a personal level, take every opportunity you can. When I started as an apprentice, I was very lucky to have a personal mentor called Ben who supported me every step of the way. One piece of advice I clearly remember being told was not to wear a hoodie in the office, perhaps not as relevant today as we've become more accustomed to home and flexible working, but it was advice I took heed of and passed on. Always dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I still see the true value in this. 

4. What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from your time at Corbel?

Always look to improve where you can. Instead of thinking about why you're doing something or what is the point of this task- think how can I improve this? People will rarely put you down if you use your initiative or think of your own idea. It might not be used but it's always better to think about what you are doing, instead of doing something for the sake of it.

5. What aspirations do you have for your role at Corbel?

To continue to enjoy it day to day. I love to see my colleagues prosper, some of which already outstrip my expectation of an apprenticeship and then some when it comes to their level of work. Supporting others and seeing them evolve and do great things for the team actually satisfies me more as I know I have been on that initial journey. 

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