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Gerald Anderson Lawson - Electronic engineer and game console pioneer



2nd December 2022

Today marks what would have been the 82nd birthday of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, one of the fathers of modern gaming who led the team that developed the first home video gaming system with interchangeable game cartridges. Jerry was dubbed the "father of the videogame cartridge" by Black Enterprise magazine in 1982. 

Born in Brooklyn in 1940, he tinkered with electronics from an early age, repairing televisions around his neighbourhood and creating his own radio station using recycled parts. He attended Queens College and City College of New York before departing early to start his career in Palo Alto, California. 

Lawson became Director of Engineering and Marketing of Fairchild’s video game department where he led the development of the Fairchild Channel F gaming system. This was the first home video game system console that featured interchangeable game cartridges, an 8-way digital joystick and a pause menu. The Channel F paved the way for future gaming systems like the Atari, SNES, Dreamcast and more.

You can play a video game TODAY about Jerry as well as learning about creating games on the Google Doodle.

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