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14th September 2021

How to Become a Police Officer in England and Wales

Learn about the routes you can take into policing and the values and attributes developed by successful police officers.

Develop your understanding of policing in the UK
Currently, policing is unrepresentative of the society it represents. To correct that, it’s vital that underrepresented and disadvantaged groups can learn about policing and consider their options for entering a career in policing.

On this three-week course, educators from The University of Law will guide you through the principles and style of UK policing, particularly the role of diversity and inclusion, and the different policing models.

Explore policing by consent and the Peelian principles of policing
You’ll investigate the qualities a police officer needs to have, as well as the Code of Ethics, and the evidence-based policing model to get a well-rounded view of what you need for a policing career.

Learn from the experts at The University of Law
ULaw wants policing to be accessible for people from all backgrounds and demographics to help make it more representative while bringing it into the 21st century.

Licensed by the College of Policing, this course is recognised as part of one of the new PEQF entry routes for the role of police constable.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Explore the different entry routes into policing under the Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF)
  • Identify which route into policing would suit you best
  • Explore the different police ranks and careers within specialist policing units
  • Explore the Peelian principles, policing code of ethics and the national decision making model
  • Reflect on the importance of diversity and inclusion within policing
  • Explore the key policing concepts such as policing by consent and evidence based policing

This course is Recognised as part of one of the new PEQF entry routes for the role of police constable.

3 weeks

Weekly study: 2 hours

100% online: Learn at your own pace

To join the course for free apply herehttps://www.futurelearn.com/register?return=85o6icqf 

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