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23rd October 2018

Great to support this event once again with an audience of about four thousand students!

icanbea... had two stands this year and lots of teachers and students we spoke had heard of icanbea... which is great!  Carole and Zoe and Rich were supported once again by Mason Trust trustees Sam and Rob and the boss herself - Yvonne even though she was under the weather!

Students had a go at some of our competitions and talked to us about how they could use icanbea... wherever they are on the career ladder.  We also spoke to lots of teachers who were interested in how they could use the site within their school and the workshops that we can deliver to support this.

We supported the event's Job Hunter initiative again this year by hosting Job Hunter organisations and job opportunities on the site and showing these during the day on the big screen at the Events Centre.  If you're interested in Job Hunter organisations and job opportunities then use the links here to check them out! 

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