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(icanbea... News) 4th July - Renew Your Future with Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm



5th July 2019

The entire icanbea... team along with volunteer Matt and two representatives from the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm were on hand for a full day of STEM activities with students at Lynn Grove.

The Renew Your Future Programme is all about helping students to understand the huge developments in the Offshore Wind industry in the region and what this means in terms of potential local career opportunities.  Students start with a team building exercise before watching a video about the construction of the local Offshore Wind Farms - in this case Dudgeon.  We follow with a talk from Dudgeon employees about how they got into Renewables and what they do in their roles, followed by lots of practical exercises involving LEGO and poster and sea-chart planning exercises.

We're some way through our programme now with only a few sessions remaining - so we'll do a full round up with all the details when we conclude - watch this space!

Anyway - a great day at Lynn Grove Academy and some great interactions with the students..perhaps some future employees in offshore wind!


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