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23rd October 2020

icanbea... video guides, demos and instructions

Our video guide page contains our current video guide content, covering different aspects of this website and how it can help to move people closer to a career that really suits them.  There's also a PDF guide to the site available here.  

Currently featuring our new icanbea... overview: A 10 minute demonstration video is narrated by our recently qualified apprentice, and is a great introduction to how the site works and how it can help people build ideas and knowledge about local job and career opportunities.  Ideal as a site overview for anyone, but especially useful for teachers to use in form time / assemblies as an introduction.

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About icanbea...

What is icanbea...? This website offers you an insight into Norfolk and Suffolk's most successful organisations, showing you how they fit into our growing economy and highlighting the career and training opportunities they could offer you.

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