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11th June 2024

MicroBattle (µB) is a competitive card game with the aim to win battles of simulated microbial biofilm growth against your opponent. You can choose from many microbes (in the form of Microbe Cards) and many growth conditions (in the form of Battle Cards) and customize your path to victory.

Biofilms mark a dramatic change in the life cycle of many microorganisms.

The Aim of the Game: Take it in turns to reach 15 biofilm growth counters for your microbe before your opponent (2-4 players). A game has three “Battles” – with the best of 3 Battles determining the winner.

To Play the Game:

  • Download all the folders containing the necessary files.
  • Consult the Guidebook for details on rules and how to play.
  • Construct your own MicroBattle Deck using the image files and template within (or use one of the premade card packs).
  • Print out your deck(s).
  • Cut and assemble the cards.
  • Play in person, remotely or against yourself.

MicroBattle 2020-2021 1st Edition (free to download!)

Battle Cards (Zip Folder)

Microbe Cards (Zip Folder)

MicroBattle Game Board

MicroBattle Guidebook

MicroBattle Deck Templates:

Aquatic Microbe Pack

Archaea Pack

Custom Pack Template

Gut Symbiont Pack

Pathogen Pack

Plant Microbe Pack

Soil Microbe Pack

MicroBattle Project was funded by the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) Public Engagement Grant 2020-2021.

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