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Motor Vehicle Operator : RAF Mildenhall

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6th February 2020

The primary purpose of this position is to operate one or more type of passenger buses capable of carrying 17 passengers or more on public roads in a support of the Outdoor Recreation and Airport Shuttle Program. The incumbent will drive predetermined and/or scheduled routes or special runs such as pick up and drop off at local airports and occasional recreation events or facilities. Perform operator maintenance, such as checking fluid levels, tire pressure, cleaning, washing vehicles, completing inspection checklists to ensure safe and proper operation. Maintain records and document actions, such as operator inspection checklists/forms and accident/incident reports. Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations; and maintains a safe and clean work environment.

Please provide detailed work experience as it relates to the required competencies listed below, as this will be used to determine your qualification for this position.

  1. Knowledge and skill in operating buses capable of carrying 17 or more passengers or other gasoline, diesel or electric powered wheeled vehicles with a GVW of more than 26,000 and up to 32,000 pounds.
  2. Knowledge of the height, weight, width and length of the vehicles in order to judge overhead and side clearance, the limiting radius, braking distance and safe distance to be maintained from other vehicles.
  3. Knowledge of safe braking distances of buses considering the extra load of passengers, Skill in applying this knowledge to maneuvering vehicles in congested areas and when backing vehicles up to loading station.
  4. Knowledge local safety and traffic rules and regulations for operating vehicles. Skill in defensive driving techniques. Skill in recognizing developing hazardous road and traffic conditions, the judgment to adjust driving methods to the practices of surrounding traffic and ability to select alternate routes to avoid potential problems.
  5. Skill in reading and understanding road maps and other locator documents and in determining the shortest and safest route for both short and long runs considering the weight and size of the vehicle and road restrictions.
  6. Knowledge of the operator's manual for assigned vehicles, Ability to recognize developing maintenance problems when conducting operator inspections and reporting problems to the supervisor. Knowledge of passenger safety rules including the use of seat belts.


  1. Drivers work mostly outside and operate vehicles in all kinds of traffic and weather on public roads (or equivalent) and are exposed to the danger of serious accidents. Drivers are exposed to dirt, fumes and to the possibility of cuts, bruises and broken bones as a result of accidents when loading and unloading the vehicle. Incumbent may drive in heavy traffic, within legal speed limits, over complicated road and interchange systems.
  2. The work will require the employee to drive a motor vehicle. An appropriate, valid UK Category ‘DE’ driver’s license is required for this position.
  3. May be assigned other duties not included in this position description, but that are appropriate to the grade and skill set of the incumbent
  4. May be required to travel by military or commercial aircraft to attend necessary training or in the performance of duties
  5. Will be required to observe US Federal Holidays in lieu of UK Public Holidays

CLOSING DATE: Open Until Filled




This job is located in RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk

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