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7th March 2022

Have you always been interested in computers and technology? Are you the family member who is always called on to help fix printers, or install new software? Do you have a passion for coding or have dabbled in building your own websites? Or are you simply fascinated by Google and marketing in general?

The Netmatters Scion Coalition Training Scheme is designed for individuals who have always wanted to take an interest in all things tech and turn them into a career – but haven’t really known where to start. The course is an intensive, hands-on training experience built around your desired role. Whether you are looking to become a digital marketer, a web or software developer, or even (in some areas) an IT support technician – our dedicated team will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience that you need to land your dream role. On top of this, we will work with you to secure a role on the completion of the training.

With the exception of the IT Support training, this is a fully-remote training opportunity. The course takes on average 3-6 months to complete and has a 95% success rate. We offer the training to individuals up and down the country, you will work under remote employment conditions and will gain both the skills and confidence needed to succeed in your chosen field.

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