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18th July 2019

The primary purpose of this position is to perform the full range of painting, including surface preparation, blending and matching paints and coating of various surfaces requiring fine finishes and decorative effects. You will prepare various interior surfaces and exterior buildings and other structures by mechanically and chemically removing old paint and rust, filling cracks, sanding and applying fillers and base coats. Wash and sand surfaces as necessary and treats them with oil, turpentine or other preparations. Select more sophisticated methods of surface preparation when necessary to ensure a high-quality or decorative finish. Use various tools such as rollers brushes spray guns, thickness gauges and compressors and adequately mix, thin, blend and match coating materials. Utilize safety practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains a safe and clean environment. Use and assure proper fit of required safety equipment and clothing.

Please provide detailed work experience as it relates to the required competencies listed below, as this will be used to determine your qualification for this position.

1. Knowledge of surface preparation and coating methods and techniques including special finishing techniques; and paints and thinning additives.

2. Knowledge of safety regulations, practices, and procedures.

3. Knowledge of regulations pertaining to hazardous waste management.

4. Skill in reading and applying directions that relate to the mixture, use and application of various kinds of coating materials, solvents and pre-coating agents; and tinting, toning, matching and blending coating materials.

5. Skill in determining the methods, techniques, devices and materials best suited to obtain the surface condition and finish required.

6. Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment.

1. The work will require the employee to drive a motor vehicle. Minimum category ‘B’ driver’s license will be required for this position

2. May be required to train and/or guide lower graded employees.

3. Exposure to toxic paints, chemicals, or other hazards may require occupational health examinations.

4. May be required to assist other workers in various crafts.

Monday – Friday 0800-1630 hours. May be required to work other than normal duty hours, which may include evenings, weekends, and/or holidays or overtime at short notice. Overtime cannot be guaranteed.




This job is located in RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk

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