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3rd October 2017

Seventeen potential apprentices were put through their paces on site for the 12 new apprenticeships that start in September.

Apprentices are the key to the company’s future growth to secure a skilled staff for decades to come.
The workforce has grown to 160 people, a growth of more than 30 from the start of the year, with a target workforce of 174 by the end of the year.

Richard Bateman, Managing Director, said apprentices taken on now would help to achieve desired growth beyond 2020.

The two-year apprenticeships will start in September.

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About Bateman Groundworks

Bateman Groundworks was founded by Managing Director Richard Bateman in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1997. Now 20 years on Bateman Groundworks employs over 140 people and has an annual turnover in excess of £15 million. Our strong relationships and reputation...

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