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8th June 2022

As a member of our Housekeeping team, you work efficiently and quickly, leaving a trail of sparkly clean, dust-free rooms wherever you go. You work in a flexible team and take pride in your work; it’s one of the most important roles in the business.

About you:

  • You're a bit of a clean freak!
  • You approach your day with a critical eye, no cobweb or dust ball will escape your attention.
  • Happy to work in a small but varied team, cleaning each room as an unstoppable double act or solo artist.
  • Expert task master, achieving each deadline to ensure our customers can check-in on time- if not before.
  • You will greet morning customers with a smiling face and take an interest in their day ahead.
  • You are on the move and enjoy the physical job. Not much paperwork here.
  • Happy to adhere to our day-to-day systems and protocol.

The Brand:

Byfords is a 15th Century building with tonnes of character. Byfords is our founding brand within our family, and has been open since 2000. We serve delicious food throughout the day, as well as the Store serving freshly prepared takeaway food, and the Posh B&B that consists of 16 uniquely designed rooms. Byfords is a fun, quirky and charming business to work for with plenty of opportunities with passionate, hard-working individuals.

About the team/product:

  • Join your manager & your team on a thumbs up mission to create the best possible customer journey. Inspiring each other, take ownership of your individual role, delivering incredible service, with passion and drive.
  • You’ll be joining an incredibly talented team that genuinely cares about this business and our purpose. Most have pretty good banter too! Approach your work in the same manner. The goal is to be missed every time you are not there!
  • Our teams are curious and open minded. We try new things and change the norms. Get on board and enjoy the crazy ride!
  • We make incredibly delicious, fresh high-quality food daily. Get familiar with all the products and don’t be afraid to throw your ideas in the ring or point it out when it’s not quite right.
  • We are not your run of the mill restaurant/hotel. Our space is comfortable, generous and exciting. We hope you will take pride in it and care for it.

Why and how we do what we do

The plan is to stick around for the long term and to constantly be at the top of our game, therefore we need a clear reason to exist. Our purpose is to earn TRUST from everybody who connects with our environment; each other, our paying customer, suppliers, the community etc. Joining us means you have a responsibility to understand why we do things and we have a duty to help you believe in our purpose and our values. Your aim is to approach every day with these awesome attitudes to achieve endless thumbs-up moments. Click here to learn a little more.

Ultimately, If you are a kick-ass character with a top-notch approach to life you are well on your way to becoming a good fit for our team.

Closing Date

The closing date for this job offer is on 20/06/2022


£9.50 PER HOUR


This job is located in Holt, Norfolk

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About Byfords

Byfords is a Bed and Breakfast with sixteen B&B ensuite rooms and a self-catering apartment in Holt. A place to eat with a café that serves breakfasts, brunches, lunches, afternoon teas and dinners.

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