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Lesson Plans: Sector resources for Secondary Schools



23rd October 2020

Teachers' Sector Lesson Templates: Resources for Secondary Schools

These curriculum-linked lesson plan templates were created for the Ipswich Opportunity Area project and are designed for teachers to run classes with their students to look at local employment sectors, the opportunities they can offer and other basic Labour Market Information. (LMI)

  • Each lesson makes use of the icanbea website and additional resource documents to provide activities such as research tasks and class challenges.  Specific and general teacher notes are included for each lesson plus additional reading and articles for you and your students.
    • Suffolk Sectors
    • Construction
    • Energy
    • Financial Services 
    • Public Services
    • IT Digital (Coming soon)
    • Virtual Tours
  • You can take the lessons as they are or simply pick the elements you want to use.  You can download the stored resources and copy the additional information links that you need - or you can run a lesson from these online pages by sending out the appropriate page link.
  • Audience: Theses lessons are largely aimed at Key Stages 3 and 4.  They were designed for a typical classroom environment with access to IT facilities though could be adapted - please see the specific teacher notes for each lesson.

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