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Sports Centre Apprentice at Suffolk New College, Ipswich £149 - £277 per week



2nd November 2017

Upon completion of your role as a Sports Centre Apprentice, you will have been trained in the skills employers want, helping to enhance the choices available to you in your future career.

This composite job description sets out a range of duties that will be undertaken by the post holder. Whilst on a day-to-day basis staff may have certain duties allocated to them, they will be required to undertake other duties of a similar level to ensure that a full service is maintained.
1.To undertake work for the Sports Centre Manager in relation to the College’s sports facility.
2.To take bookings both internally and externally for the sports facilities and to maintain a calendar of use.
3.To help to develop the activities in the centre including the children's parties, school and extra curriculum activities.
4.To be able to supervise and assist with children's activities including birthday parties, when needed.
5.To be a point of contact at the front reception and deal with the customers’ needs including taking payments.
6.To keep a contacts database for potential users of the sports facility.
7.To maintain the equipment and stores. To identify any faults to be mended or replaced and to make requests for any additional items.
8.To set up activities, as requested, and to support the putting away and logging of equipment back in or to ensure a delegated responsible person takes this task on as part of the booking. This includes the setting up and down of trampolines.
9.To be the main point of contact for curriculum use of the sports facility and to advise the Sports Centre Manager of any conflicts in the programme of use or clashes that may need to be resolved.
10.To act as a liaison with GOALS as the College’s representative in the sports facility. To support the Sports Centre Manager with raising any issues with regards to the joint working within the sports facilities.
11.To support the College Active programme with activities in the sports hall.
12.To support the production of marketing materials associated with the college’s sports facility and to display appropriate information and publicity within the facility. To keep these materials up to date and relevant to current activities.
13.To assist in co-ordinating orders and invoices under the direction of the Sports Centre Manager.
14.To guide and supervise the activities of college cleaners and other occasional leisure staff working out of the facility.
15.To respond to telephone and personal callers, being the initial point of contact for enquiries within the college reception area of the Sports Facility.
16.To help maintain the sports centre including stocktaking, buffering the sports hall floor and general housekeeping.
17.To ensure compliance with Health and Safety Regulations, and to act as an on-site first aider as required.
18.To ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

This Job Description sets out the major duties associated with the stated purpose of the post. It is assumed that other duties of a similar level/nature undertaken within the section are not excluded simply because they are not itemised.

The duties of the post could vary from time to time as a result of new legislation, changes in technology or policy changes. In this case appropriate training may be given to enable the post-holder to undertake this new/varied work.

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