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29th June 2020

Hi, I’m Julia and I’ve been part of a team of greenlight for girls’ ambassadors since attending some amazing g4g days a few years ago At the events I realised how exciting and rewarding science could be. I’m now on my gap year doing a placement at Springboard Pro, a medical device engineering consultancy in Cambridge. And next year I will be starting my undergraduate degree in Bioengineering at Loughborough university in the UK.

So that’s me. Now, I’d like to introduce Talking STEM with the women that shape it, a greenlight for girls podcast series where I will be interviewing inspiring female scientists and engineers about their fields, careers and fascinations. They’ll also be sharing fun facts and giving their top tips to all aspiring scientists!

Episode 5
Yvonne Mason OBE, businesswoman

In this fifth episode I’m interviewing businesswoman Yvonne Mason OBE. Listen to hear Yvonne’s top tips choosing your career pathway, the importance of getting industry involved in education and how your skill set will be able to go cross-sector, global and even virtual! 

If you’d like to find out more about the topics Yvonne talked about, here are some useful links:

  • The ICANBEA platform, a fantastic place to start researching career options
  • The Mason Trust Yvonne set up to inspire young people in Norfolk and Suffolk and help them develop their careers
  • You can find out more about carbon capture, the development Yvonne would love to see in the future here
  • Yvonne would have her long conversation with Henrik Stiesdal, the Danish inventor and businessman who designed one of the first wind turbines

I'd love to hear your feedback or any questions you might have, please email me!

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