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17th January 2018

We believe that it is our team that makes Dayle Bayliss Construction Consultants stand out  from other consultants. By developing the design approach with our clients the creative team ensure that each project is delivered with integrity and commercial reality.


Dayle is a Chartered Building Surveyor who has worked as a Project Manager and Lead Designer for Local Authorities, consultancies and main contractors. Her career started off as a Building Control Surveyor allowing her to have a detailed understanding of the technical aspects of construction and applying this to refurbishment and new build projects.  In developing her skills Dayle has recently started an MBA.  These new skills allow Dayle to apply Management Consultancy principles to her projects and look at how construction can improve business operations.

Dayle undertook an MSc in Building Conservation following an interest in Heritage Buildings, this allowed her to develop studies on redundant farm building, insulation in Listed Buildings and Facilities Management in the Heritage Sector. This has seen Dayle work with the National Trust & a range of private Listed Buildings. These studies saw Dayle undertake European Study trips to Florence, Berlin, Paris & Rome.

Dayle also sits on the RICS matrics UK Board and RICS East of England Board and is also Treasurer of RICS matrics Suffolk, treasurer of Suffolk SPAB and an active member of the Ipswich Society. Dayle is passionate about skills and youth opportunities, she sits on the New Anglia LEP Skills Board and is a Board member for Menta.


Johanna recently obtained a First for her BSc (Hons) in Construction Management, this course has allowed Johanna to bring an understanding of construction management to our projects. Johanna also has a detailed understanding of AutoCAD allowing the teams ideas to be translated into working drawings.

During these studies Johanna looked at timber frame buildings, in particular structurally insulated panels (SIPS) and their use to meet housing targets. This interest in timber frame construction was developed following our recent vineyard development project.

The on the job training Johanna received with her studies allowed her to enhance her understanding of construction technology and project planning.

Johanna is an active member of the RICS matrics Suffolk.

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