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16th January 2018

What is a TrAC apprenticeship?

A TrAC apprenticeship is similar to any other apprenticeship - it is a job with training.

As well as attending your place of work (usually a construction site or office) where you will learn on the job, you will also attend a place of learning such as a college or training establishment.

Attending both work and training is vital as you work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

The four main types of Apprenticeship are intermediate, advanced, higher and degree level.

Most intermediate apprenticeships require no minimum qualifications.  Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships do have entry qualification requirements - see our vacancies for more details.  Degree Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to gain a full bachelor's (Level 6) or master's degree (Level 7) and can take between three to six years to complete depending on the level of the course.

How is a TrAC apprenticeship different? - Use the button below to find out!

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About trAC

Construction is a growing industry which needs more young people and offers some amazing career opportunities. TrAC currently employs around 60 apprentices, who are all working towards achieving a recognised qualification in a wide range of construction roles...

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