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8th March 2021

British Science Week is here!

Join BT between 8th - 12th March for virtual British Science Week. They'll be exploring how 5 ground-breaking technologies are delivering "STEAM for good" through daily bite-size videos, "have a go" activities and live Q&A sessions.

Cyber security
What will the impact be on the future of cyber security? How do we know what to trust? How can technology help?

Smart cities
Can data make sure that the air we breathe is safe? How can virtual reality, 3D cinema technology and data be used to create a digital twin of Manchester?

Creative media
Go behind the scenes and find out how BT Sport's live 8k 360° immersive sports experience is delivered. How is science an integral part of all live performance?

How are drones being used in our everyday lives? What are their future benefits and possibilities? Can physical artificial intelligence create lifelike robots?

Health & sports science
How can technology support a paramedic? How can technology support a sportsperson in their rehabilitation? How can genetics and DNA affect an athlete's performance?

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