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25th November 2020

West Suffolk College and the Careers and Connections Job Shop are actively supporting the "We are the NHS" Recruitment Campaign


The last few months have highlighted the dedication and resilience of those working on the frontline of healthcare, demonstrating their unwavering commitment and passion in keeping the UK public safe. With the NHS experiencing significant and high-profile public support we want to inspire the next generation to consider a life-changing career and play a vital role in shaping the future of the NHS.

Now in its third consecutive year, the ‘We are the NHS’ campaign is back to celebrate the extraordinary work of nurses, allied health professionals and healthcare support workers and inspire a new generation to embark on a career in the health service. Launching in November 2020 with above-the-line TV, radio and digital advertising alongside PR activities, all elements of the campaign feature real NHS workers who are proud of their career.

The campaign shines a light on some of the most in-demand roles in the NHS; all varied, exciting and challenging in equal measure. Nurses, allied health professionals and healthcare support workers touch the lives of thousands, providing expertise, care and compassion when it matters most.

This year, candidates for university courses relevant for nursing and allied health professions have access to a support system to guide them step by step through the application process, alongside tailored support. Additional NHS funding is available for those studying towards a degree required for nursing and allied health professions.

The NHS is actively recruiting and welcomes talented and passionate individuals to join its ranks, from all walks of life. Search NHS Careers for more information on available roles.

Nursing specific 

  • Many people do not realise the range of intellectually challenging work that is undertaken as an NHS nurse, including performance of some medical procedures, clinical research and education and treatment plans for patients 
  • NHS nurses work as part of a supportive and inspiring team of people, who contribute to a rewarding and enjoyable career Nurses can be leaders in healthcare of their patients 
  • Nurses in the NHS touch lives at times of basic human need, when care and compassion are what matter most 
  • Annual payments of £5,000 to £8,000 are available to help studies. And you won’t need to pay it back 
  • A nursing degree also makes you highly employable with 94% of graduates getting a job within six months of finishing their course.
  • Nurses have the opportunity to specialise in a broad range of roles across all areas of the NHS, including: learning disabilities, mental health, primary care and community care
  • Once you have qualified as a nurse, there are many opportunities to further your career by specialising in a particular area, such as trauma, orthopedics, theatre and neonatal, to name a few. You could also move to work in management, teaching or clinical research. 
  • NHS-trained nurses are in demand all over the world. 

Allied health professional specific 

  • Allied health professionals make a difference to the lives of thousands every day. As an important part of the NHS team, they provide treatment, and help rehabilitate adults and children who are ill, have disabilities or special needs, to live life as fully as possible 
  • Many people may not be aware of the different Allied Health Professional roles available across the NHS, including the below:
  • ▪ Occupational Therapists
  • ▪ Orthoptists
  • ▪ Podiatrists
  • ▪ Paramedics
  • ▪ Physiotherapists
  • ▪ Prosthetists and Orthotists
  • ▪ Diagnostic radiographers
  • ▪ Therapeutic radiographers
  • ▪ Speech and Language Therapists 
  • A career in the allied health professions makes you highly employable, allows you to help people every day and gives you the flexibility to live and work anywhere 
  • Allied health professional roles can offer a more structured working schedule, which could be more suited for those looking for a better work-life balance or balancing external commitments 
  • Annual payments of £5,000 to £8,000 are available to help studies. And you won’t need to pay it back!

Healthcare support worker specific 

  • Healthcare support worker roles represent a world of opportunities within the NHS. They’re a great entry point into the NHS and can lead to a lifelong career.
  • If you’re looking to become a healthcare professional and want to gain experience, it’s a great place to start
  • HCSWs can develop close personal relationships with patients, making them an important person in a patient’s journey to health
  • Healthcare support workers work across seven different settings including; Mental Health, Acute Care, Community, Midwifery, Primary Care, Children and Young People’s Services and Learning Disabilities
  • Many do not realise how accessible a career as a healthcare support worker can be, with roles placing importance and focus on individuals’ interpersonal skills 
  • Healthcare support workers assist nurses, therapists, midwives, hospital doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality person-centred care 
  • A job as a healthcare support worker offers a long-term sustainable career change opportunity, in a time of economic uncertainty

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