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Which Course Are You Going To Choose?



16th January 2018

Which Course Are You Going To Choose?

St Eds offers an exciting and diverse range of vocational training courses, each leading to a nationally recognised qualification. Just browse our courses below, decide which is right for you and GET IN TOUCH with us to find out how you can get enrolled. Make St Eds your springboard to full-time employment!

  • Horticulture
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Multi-Skilled Construction
  • Transport Maintenance
  • Therapeutic Art
  • Events
  • Sports and Active Leisure
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About St Edmunds Society

St Edmunds Society has been around for over 52 years. St Eds is a collaborative vocational learning hub providing an alternative learning provision for young people entering Construction, Transport Maintenance, Catering & Hospitality, Horticulture, Hair & Beau...

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