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20th April 2021

If you are serious about getting into the games industry, you need to put the controller down every now and then and get up to speed on the latest design and production ideas, as well as practising your skills such as coding or digital graphics or 3D modelling and animation. Wireframe magazine is a fortnightly magazine that lifts the lid on video games. Each issue looks at how games are made, who makes them, and even guides you through the process of making your own.

Issue 49 is out now and available in various formats - the PDF version is FREE.

Italian developer LKA takes us on a guided tour of its haunting adventure-thriller set in 1940s Tuscany. Carrying on the mystery theme, delve into the murky world of film noir, and find out why this ageing cinematic genre still has such an impact on game design.

Elsewhere, find out how designers use hidden rooms and side paths to add depth and intrigue to their platform games, and find out how the games industry is making progress towards better representation for those on the autism spectrum.

Wireframe magazine is published by Raspberry Pi Press, the publishing imprint of Raspberry Pi Trading Ltd.

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